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New to Wildfire?  WELCOME!

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from Parents. If you need anything else, just email us!

Q: What should they wear to class?  

A: All of our classes have different requirements. The specifics for each class are listed under the HOME tab, DRESS CODE.


Q: Where do we get the dance shoes?

A: We stock the shoes for each class at both studios. All dance shoes must be purchased through our studio to maintain uniformity. Shoe order forms are available in the lobby. Most sizes are in stock and can be purchased before or after classes.

Q: Do I have to stay or can I leave during class?

A: Parents are required to escort the students into the studio waiting area. Once they go into their class, parents may wait in our lobby areas or leave. If you leave, please return 5 minutes BEFORE the class dismisses. The instructor will be busy starting the next class and cannot supervise students who are dismissed.

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