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Starz is our competitive program for ages 5-12.

All classes are held at

our main dance studio

in the Ashtabula Towne Square. Dancers compete at several local events throughout the season and also perform in the spring Revue.


The Starz season begins on June 1, 2020. Summer classes in June, July and August are required to develop technique, flexibility and core strength for competitive dance. Dancers must register for a summer package, based on their age and how many routines they will pursue for the competitive year. Below are the minimum requirements for each team.

TWINKLE TEAM   (ages 5 & 6)

  • Basic package   $80/month     Students attend a 1.5 hour technique class one day per week.This package is required for all dancers to be part of the Twinkle Team.

MINI TEAM    (ages 7-9)

  • Half day package   $130/month     Students attend a block of 4 or 5 classes, one day per week. Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered. This package is required to be part of the Mini Team. 

YOUTH TEAM    (ages 9-12)     Note:  Age must be 12 or younger on August 31, 2021 to be eligible.

  • One day package   $180/month    Students attend one full day or 2 half days, for    a total of 9 classes. Students who attend a full day will receive classes in Acro, Technique, Hip Hop, Flexibility, Musical Theater, Jazz, Lyrical and more! This package is required for all dancers to be part of the Youth Team.

A diverse and qualified staff of instructors will lead a summer program that is both fun and effective. The growth we see during the summer months is always so impressive and provides a solid foundation for the choreography of the competitive routines. There are no cancellations for the summer packages. The package is based on 3 months of tuition and package prices are as low as $2.55 per class.



If you have questions or would like to register for our summer class program, please call our office  440-789-9541.

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